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Story Driven. Client Focused.

Everyone Has A Story...


Hello, We Are Iacono Video.

What started as one of the building blocks of event production evolved into a full-service video production company. There was no grand vision, no sophisticated strategy, no ambitious sales initiative. We simply produced good work, and as a result, people noticed. Then, the market discovered us and everything changed. From that, new opportunities arose. And now, we are Iacono Video. 

We have a varied resume of quality work. Our clients like it. They respect the effort and artistry we put it into every project. We trust you will too.


Fresh from the Iacono Video edit suites, here’s our latest Media Demo reel, a two minute sample of what we believe to be our best work - a blend of video and animation, highlighting a mix of concepts and styles.


What We Do

We are a full-service video production team. From pre-production through post-production, we do it all. Whether you need a fifteen-second banner ad for your company website, or a ten-minute video telling the story of your company’s history, we have the skills, experience, and means to make it happen. We own the equipment. We have the facilities. We have the staff. 

Our Services

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Creative Direction

Our team works with you to develop ideas, sharpen themes, and ensure that the vision of your project is cohesive and executable. Projects include TV spots, Web Ads, Animation, and Corporate Videos.

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Motion Design & Animation

Motion Design & Animation takes your company logos, brand icons, and graphic design materials and brings them to life through movement. Both bring a unique vision and creative energy to your project.

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Script Writing

You have a story to tell the world, and that story is uniquely your own. It's what sets you apart from your competition and entices customers to choose you. We help conceptualize, craft, and deliver your story.

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Video Editing

What starts as words on a page, editors help transform images and sound into a final product that conveys emotions, provokes thought, and affects how an audience understands your story.

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Video Production

Our team communicates with you throughout the video production process - from pre-production through post-production. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It's all dependent on your needs.

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Sound Design

This is often the last step in the video production process. We design, engineer, and mix sound design into your video and incorporate it seamlessly into your story via video, motion design, and animation.




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